About QC

We Are A Family Owned Local Business With Years Of Experience Behind Us!



QC Printing is a custom print shop that has been serving the Ohio & Michigan areas since 1983, and is owned and operated by Gene Grzymkowski.

QC Printing offers quality offset and digital commercial and industrial printing.  Gene Grzymkowski, owner of QC Printing, worked at Craft Master, the well-known paint-by-numbers manufacturer, as a supervisor/color-matcher in his younger years and well into his adult years.  General Mills had eventually purchased Craft Master, and sometime later GM had closed their doors; this caused Gene to seek a new career path, which led him to offset printing.  Since Gene was already making paint for Ertl, an American toy company, General Mills had given Gene the key to the building on Westwood in Toledo, OH so that he could continue making the paint for Ertl, who also was in need of printed instructions for one of their kits.  Gene provided them with the printing as well.  Eventually, the building was purchased by Craft House, a paint and craft products company.  Craft House hired Gene to make their paint.  Gene had eventually purchased his own building and printing equipment.  Craft House was impressed by the quality, prices and turnaround that QC Printing was providing Ertl, and decided to close down their internal print shop and have QC print all of their product instruction sheets.
QC Printing now provides the same high-quality, low-cost printing to corporations, attorneys, medical facilities and commercial businesses.  They print for everyone from “ma and pa shops” to large businesses.
QC Printing does not solicit; they have no salesmen – they are proud to say that their “prices sell their printing”, along with their quality and quick turnaround.